General Terms and travel regulations


The following general terms and travel regulations apply to all transactions from the passenger shuttle service “Fahrservice Petersen, Nadine & Carsten Petersen GbR”, hereinafter called “shuttle service” and their contractual partner, hereinafter called “customer”. 

Deviating general terms and travel regulations of the customer are not valid.

1. Conclusion of the contract / Privacy Policy

a) The shuttle service can be ordered from the customer per e-mail or online using the booking request.

b) If the order can be done by the shuttle service, the customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

c) The customer is obligated to inform the shuttle service immediately of any changes of travel times.

d) If the customer requires additional third-party services, such as tickets, restaurant reservations, etc., the terms and conditions of the third party are applicable. The shuttle service acts in this case only as an intermediary.

e) The collected data in connection with the order of the customer will be used exclusively for the execution of the trip and customer service.

2. Conditions of transport

a) The trip begins and ends at the agreed place.

b) For hourly bookings, the chauffeur service is available for journeys for the period and radius specified in the confirmation. If the order ends prematurely, there will be no refund of the unused time.

c) Planned trips can be canceled at short notice by the shuttle service due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness, technical failures) or extreme weather conditions, where the safety of the customer cannot be guaranteed anymore. There is no right to compensation for the customer.

d) If the flight cannot be reached due to unforeseeable events during the journey (e.g. accident/closure of the motorway), there is no claim for compensation for the customer.

e) The shuttle service does not assume liability for personal items of the customer (clothes, bags, cameras, laptops, cell phones, etc.) that remain unattended when leaving the vehicle.

f) The customers have to behave during the trip so that the safety of the car, their own safety and the safety of others is not compromised.

g) During the trip the customers have to fasten the seat belt and the instructions of the driver must be followed.

h) If there are children on board, the customer has to bring an age-appropriate child seat.

i) It is forbidden to passengers to pollute or destroy the cars willfully.

j) Opening the doors while driving is prohibited. Also to throw objects out of the windows or doors.

k) Passengers, who present a risk to the security and order of the operations or the safety of other passengers or do not follow the driver’s orders, may be excluded from the transfer immediately. There is no right to compensation for the client.

l) The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the cars is prohibited.

m) The costs to remove heavy soiling or damage to the cars and its accessories, which were caused by a passenger, are also charged to him. Any resulting loss of earnings may also be charged.

3. Prices / Payment

a) The price for the trip and terms of payment are listed in the written offer / order confirmation.

b) The price is payable by bank transfer or credit card (American Express, VISA, MasterCard).

c) The specified prices are, unless listed separately, additional costs (admission, food, drinks, etc.) not included.

d) Depending on the effort that is required for the booking (order of tickets, table reservations, required prepayment of third parties), the shuttle service may require an advance payment by the customer. This is communicated to the customer in accordance with the order confirmation.

e) When there is a delay of the flight, the shuttle service charges extra for the waiting time from the estimated arrival time plus the waiting time included mentioned in the confirmation (waiting time: 30 € net // 35,70 € gross per hour.) The waiting time will also be charge in case of baggage delay.

f) The shuttle service charges extra for extra driving, extra stops according the agreed prices

4. Cancellation policies

a) The customer has to inform the shuttle service about a cancellation immediately in writing (mail, SMS, whatsapp) or by phone.

b) Cancellation up to 7 days before the trip: for free

c) Cancellation 6-1 day(s) before the trip: 50 % of the price

d) Cancellation less than 24 hours/no show: 100 % of the price

e) For business customers can be agreed different cancellation policies.

5. Luggage / transport of animals

a) Basically permitted for transport to the airport, train station or port is one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. More luggage or special luggage (e.g. ski, golf bag, etc.) must be specified when ordering

b) After consultation the transportation of smaller pets in designated transport boxes is possible in exceptional cases. The lump-sum payment for the transport/cleaning is 70 € (incl. 19% VAT). The pet owner is liable for any damages to persons and property.

6. Warranty

As part of the due diligence of a prudent businessman the shuttle service Nadine & Carsten Petersen GbR is liable for the conscientious preparation of the agreed trips and the proper performance of contracted transportation service.

As far as insurance coverage within the legal liability insurance is given, the shuttle service is liable to the customer in the event of a claim within the legal regulations. As far as the liability insurance is not obligatory, the amount of liability is limited to the agreed total fare.

Any complaints on the service have to be reported immediately to the shuttle service.

7. Salvatory Clause

If any of the clauses above should be invalid, this does not change the validity of the contract. Ineffective clauses will be replaced by the statutory provision.

The general terms and conditions may be updated or changed at any time. By booking a trip the general terms and conditions are accepted.

Place of jurisdiction is Flensburg
Date: 01.01.2024